Speaker Information

Time for Presentation


Plenary Lectures:

40 min. (incl. 5 min. for discussion)

All other Lectures: 

20 min. (incl. 3 min. for discussion and 2 min. for change over)



Technical Equipment & Organisational Details

All lecture rooms will be equipped with a video beamer and a laptop computer with a CD-ROM drive.


Your presentation has to be compatible with the software installed on the laptop computers (Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat). During the conference, there is no possibility to install additional software on the provided laptop computer. Please provide your presentation on a CD or a USB-stick.


We recommend that you transfer your presentation to the laptop in the respective lecture room in advance of the beginning of each session. A good time for this are the coffee breaks. Each computer will have folders identified with the particular sessions taking place at each day. The room staff will help you to copy your file into the corresponding folder.


We urge you NOT to use your own computer. Time required for replugging, rebooting, etc. will be subtracted from the presentation time.


Please present yourself to the sessions' chairperson at the beginning of each technical session so that he/she can know in advance that your presentation will take place according to the schedule.


Please be present in your presentation room at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the session.